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Critical Incident


Critical Incident Management Plan:

St. Rynagh’s National School is inclusive Catholic School and as a result we will have to cope with various challenges in any school year. A critical incident can be defined as “any incident or sequence of events which overwhelms the normal coping mechanisms of the school” (Responding to critical Incidents – Guidelines for Schools)


The aim of our C.I.M.P. is to deal with any Critical Incident in an appropriate manner with as sense of control which should support the school community and achieve a return to normality in the school as soon as possible.

Preventative Measures:

It is hoped that other policies and good practice measure would if not prevent, at least limit the chance and impact of a critical incident. Policies such as Code of Behaviour, arrival and dismissal, S.P.H.E. coupled with a caring atmosphere help prevent Critical incidents.

Critical Incident Management Team:

The key roles in our C.I.M.T. are as follows:-

Team Leader Principal Fergal McMahon

(In the absence of the Principal the team leader is the Chairperson of B.O.M. – Fr. Pierre Pepper)

Garda Liaison: Fergal McMahon, Principal

Staff Liaison: Fergal McMahon

Student Liaison: Fergal McMahon

Parent Liaison: Parents Representative B.O.M.

Community Liaison: Fr. Pierre Pepper

Media Liaison: Principal Fergal McMahon


Chairperson Fr. Pierre Pepper

Administrator: Secretary Tracy Dolan

Record Keeping:

Each member of the Critical Incident Management Team, should keep records of their role and work during the management of the Critical Incident.


The management and staff of St. Rynagh’s Primary School have a responsibility to protect the privacy and good name of the people involved in any incident and will be sensitive to the consequences of any public statements.

In the event of a Critical Incident:

In the event of a Critical Incident the Principal will immediately call a meeting of the Critical Incident Management Team

The C.I.M.T. will use the resources listed in the Reference Section to respond to the situation.

If the critical Incident requires action prior to the possible meeting of the C.I.M.
T. the Principal in consultation with the chairperson will act using the same resources.


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  • C.P.S.M.A. Management Board Members Handbook.