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Attendance & Tusla



The reason for us forming this policy is to ensure that all children get the most out of their years in our primary school.

In St. Rynagh’s Primary School we do not at present have a significant problem with attendance. This does not, however, mean that we are complacent in this area.


This policy is formed in the hope that we can:-

  • Give an awareness of the importance of attendance in school and later at work.
  • Promote a positive attitude to learning.
  • Encourage children to take full part in life.
  • Increase children’s self worth through they themselves being aware of the progress that attendance at school has helped them achieve.

Promotion of Attendance

Enrolment: On enrolment the importance of consistent attendance in school is stressed.

Environment: We endeavour to ensure that the children are welcome in the school and that they feel comfortable here.

Uniform: The uniform gives the children a sense of pride and belonging.

Inter School Competitions: Representing the school should give the children a sense of pride and belonging.

Homework: Our homework policy is designed with an awareness of the need to maintain a positive attitude to school attendance in pupils and parents.

Assessment: Teachers endeavour to conduct assessment through various means as outlined in our assessment policy. This approach would we hope alleviate a fear of an exam in our pupils.

Rewards: We feel in St. Rynagh’s Primary School that the creation of a positive learning environment is the greatest reward for any child for coming to school. In recognition of the demands of the education Welfare Act 2000 a class by class reward system is in operation. The best five attendees in each class will be rewarded annually.

Lunches: Our lunch policy through not only prescribing lunch content but also setting aside specific times for children to eat their lunch should eliminate the possibility of any child being hungry at school.

Equality of Participation: In as far as possible we will encourage all pupils to equally access all school activities. If certain events or activities such as school tours or swimming require a charge children that a teacher can highlight as not participating because of cost will be offered the opportunity to participate at a reduced rate or no charge. We will also endeavour to include children with special needs and physical disabilities in activities where possible or to offer them an alternative.

Curriculum: Each teacher is expected to balance the organisation of each school day so that no one subject area or activity can become off putting.

Behaviour and Anti Bullying: The application of the policies in these areas should encourage all children to feel good about coming to school.

Special Education: Through our Learning Support Policy we endeavour to help each child to achieve their potential through the attainment of realistic goals and in so doing maintain a positive attitude to school attendance.

Reporting: All absences from school must be covered by parent/guardian notifying the teacher/school. Parents are made aware of this rule. Parents are also made aware of the role of the Tusla and of the mandatory reporting of absences or more than 20 days in any school year and where a child is suspended for 6 days or more or expelled.

Rolls: Rolls are kept in each class. The school attendance is kept in the office. The school register is kept in the office. The rolls are updated each day.

Tusla:   The school will cooperate with the Tusla reporting where appropriate and filling all the required attendance forms. The school will cooperate also with officers of the Tusla.

Tusla Child & Family Agency,

Primary Care Centre, Church Avenue, Tullamore, Co. Offaly.  R35 K1W4. 

Phone  0579319280