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Data Protection


Records, Data Protection and GDPR


  • The policy is to manage records and data in line with the Data Protection Acts 1988-2003 and General data Protection Regulation 2018
  • We are aware that pupil learning needs and the recording of where a pupils is in relation to his/her learning and good teaching and good parent-teacher communication.


Policy Aims

  • Obtain and process information fairly.
  • Keep if for lawful purposes.
  • Use and disclose information in ways compatible with these purposes.
  • Keep information safe and secure.
  • Collect and maintain adequate and not excessive data.
  • Retain information for no longer than necessary.


Sensitive and non-sensitive Data

Non-sensitive data relates to PPSN name and address.   Sensitive data relates to most other matters such as religion, ethnic or cultural background etc.   Written consent will be sought on enrolment to record this information on the P.O.D.


Data Protection Officer

The D.P. O. is the Principal.


Transfer of information about pupils between schools and other Educational Agencies

Section (28) of the Education Act 2000 allows for personal data to be transferred to other schools, the D.E.S. the National Council for Special Education and the Child and Family Agency.  The Education Passport requires the school to furnish post primary schools for which the pupils have been accepted with a copy of the end of year report including standardised Literacy and Numeracy test results taken in 6th Class.


State Agencies

Section 8 of the Data Protections Acts 1988-2003 allows for disclosures to be made by the school to:-

  • The Gardaí
  • The Revenue Commissioners
  • Department of Social Protection
  • Applications on foot of a court order
  • Child and Family Agency


Applications for the release of information should be in writing and should state the purpose for which the information is required.


Rights of Subjects

The Data Protection Acts 1988-2003 enable parents and pupils over 18 years to enquire whether schools are processing information about them and if so to access that information.  The Acts enable individuals to ensure that personal information about them is being fairly process and, if not, to have that personal information rectified or erased.


Safe Storage

Data on pupils will be held in either, a filing cabinet in the principal’s office, the secretary’s office or the filing cabinet used by the Special Education Teachers which is kept in the Special Education Room.  

Files on pupil’s no longer in school are kept in the strong room. 

Tusla reports covering attendance and child protection concerns are retained in a locked filing cabinet in the strong room.  The key to the cabinet is kept in a wall safe in the Principal’s Office.

Pupils support plans will be held in their own personal file in the special education filing cabinet or the cabinet in the Principal’s Office.  These files may also be held in a group support plan for a particular school year.

Old school report summaries are kept in the Principal’s Office.

Classroom teachers have access to these files and must return them when they are finished consulting them.

Classroom teachers hold copies of the Micra T and Sigma T results of their pupils in their files.  The teachers may make such notes as are necessary to conduct parent teacher meetings, to monitor a child’s progress and to plan.  This is lawfully held data obtained and held in order for the school to carry out its business. 

If this information does not fall under any record type for retention it should be destroyed at the end of the school year.



Record Type                                                                                       Retention Period

School Register/Roll                                                                           Indefinitely

Enrolment Forms                                                                                Until Pupil is 25

Disciplinary Notes                                                                              Never Destroy

Test Results – Standardised                                                               Until Pupil is 25

Psychological Assessments                                                                Never Destroy

Professional Assessments                                                                  Never Destroy

SEN Files                                                                                             Never Destroy

Accident Reports                                                                                Never Destroy

Tusla Reports                                                                                      Never Destroy

Section 29 Appeals                                                                             Never Destroy


Interview Records for Staff

Interview Board                                                                                  18 months

Marking Scheme                                                                                 from completion      

B.O.M. Notes                                                                                      +6 months which

                                                                                                            is 24 in total.  


Staff Records

Contract of Employment                                                                    Duration of

Teaching Council                                                                                employment + 7

Registering, Vetting                                                                            years

Records etc.


Accident/Injury                                                                                  7 years

at work reports

Teachers Sick Certs                                                                             3 years


Board of Management Records

B.O.M. Agenda & Minutes                                                                 indefinitely

Payroll and Taxation                                                                          7 years

Invoices/Receipts                                                                               7 years

Audited Accounts                                                                               Indefinitely


General Data Protection Regulation

G.D.P.R. (25th May 2018) gives data subjects the right to request from school’s whatever data is being stored about them and to withdraw consent to its use.  However, a school is entitled to hold lawfully obtained data in order for it to carry out its business. should be used as a guide by the staff to GDPR compliance.


Distance Learning

St. Rynagh’s N.S. has decided to choose Edmodo from the PDST website as our distance learning platform.  Teachers are advised to observe the principles of General Data Protection Regulations available at   The school is expected to exercise due diligence in choosing an online platform for distance learning.  We have chosen Edmodo from the PDST suite of platforms and include an email from PDST supporting the use of platforms listed on their website.

Teachers may offer to telephone or WhatsApp parents of pupils and speak to pupils this way in exceptional circumstances.  Our school policies apply to online communications just as they apply to in school activities.