St. Rynaghs National School


Main St., Banagher, Co. Offaly   -   Phone: 057 91 51419



                                Formal Navy Trousers or a Navy Pinafor or skirt.

                                Navy Shorts can be worn in fine weather.

                                Royal Blue V Neck Jumper.

                                Light Blue Shirt/Polo Shirt/Aertex Shirt with a collar.


Our Uniform Policy was established, reviewed and reformed in order to:-

  • Create a sense of belonging to the school Community.
  • Ensure children are wearing clothes that are suited to the school day.
  • Reduce cost on parents for clothing.
  • Support our Anti-bullying Policy by reducing the opportunities for clothes with expensive labels being worn.


No leggings are to be worn either on their own or under skirts or pinafores.  Navy or black tights can be worn.

Navy tracksuit bottoms can be worn on P.E. day ONLY.  No markings, brand logos or colours are allowed on the navy tracksuit bottoms.

Comfortable shoes or runners can be worn.  There is no need to buy plimsolls as runners can be worn to school on P.E. day.

Children who wear branded tracksuit bottoms with markings to school on P.E. day will not be allowed to do P.E.

Children who wear branded tracksuit bottoms with markings to school will not be allowed on to the yard during breaks.

All school uniforms should have the child’s name on a label.  Jumpers in particular should be labelled.

Children doing field sports will be expected to change into gear for these sports.

Small sleeper earrings only are permitted.  All other body piercings are prohibited.

In the interest of good hygiene parents are asked to ensure that any children whose hair is long enough to be tied up with bobbins or a hairband is tied up.  Bobbins may be given to pupils who do not have one of their own.

We encourage all families to get your child to change out of their uniform on arriving home to keep it fresh for the next day.