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Child Protection



St. Rynagh's National School,  Banagher, Co. Offaly.



This policy is directed towards providing the children of our school with a standard of care that promotes their well being and protects them from harm.


St. Rynagh's Primary School, Banagher, adopts the guidelines provided in “Children First” the “National Guidelines for the Protection and Welfare for Children” which may be accessed in the school or on the website of the Department of Health and Children ( and the Department of Education and Science Departments’ website (


This statement, the “Children First” guidelines and the D.E.S. Child Protection Guidelines will be available in the school for all members of staff and individual copies can be accessed by all members of staff on request from the secretaries, or D.L.P.  This policy has been handed to all parents in 2010 and will subsequently be given to all parents on enrolment.


Aims in relation to Child Protection:


We aim to:


  • Maintain a safe, trusting, responsive and caring environment.
  • Provide a personal safety skills education which specifically addresses abuse prevention for all children in the school.
  • Develop awareness and responsibility in the area of child protection amongst the whole school community.
  • Put in place procedures for good practice to protect all children and staff.
  • Ensure that all staff members are aware of who the DLP and Deputy DLP are and what to do if there is a disclosure of child abuse.
  • Promote ongoing training in this and related area for all school staff.




Through the Religion Programme and the S.P.H.E. programme and in particular through the Stay Safe Programme, we hope to give the children the confidence and security in our school environment necessary for them to inform appropriate adults of situations that they are exposed to that they are not comfortable with.  The formal Stay Safe lessons will be taught in their entirety every second year.  Through our Code of Behaviour, our Health & Safety and our Anti Bullying Policies, we hope to provide a standard of care that makes pupils feel their well-being is important.




All staff (teachers, special needs assistants, ancillary staff, secretarial, caretaking staff) in St. Rynagh's Primary School will follow the recommendations for reporting concerns or disclosures as outlined in “Children First” and the Department of Education and Science document “Child Protection, Guidelines and Procedures”.


The Board of Management of St. Rynagh's Primary School has


appointed    ____________________    as the Designated Liaison Person


(D.L.P.) and  ____________________   as the Deputy D.L.P.




Through our school policies and through the application of best practice, we hope to run our school in a manner that limits the vulnerability of pupils.  In the event of an emergency, a full record of the incident should be made as soon as practicable.

Record sheets are available with this policy.


Review and Monitoring:


This policy should be reviewed by the Board of Management annually.  All new members of staff should be made aware of this policy.  Where a child needs to be monitored, guidelines for monitoring are available with this policy.


Policy adapted by the Board of Management on:


Oct. 2010

Reviewed Sept 2018



Signed:          ________________

                        Rev. Pierre Pepper,

                        Chairperson B.O.M.