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Child Safeguarding Risk Assessment


Template 1: Child Safeguarding risk Assessment Template


Written Assessment of risk of St. Rynagh’s National School.

In accordance with section 11 of the Children First Act 2015 and with the requirement of Chapter 8 of the Child Protection for Primary and Post-Primary Schools 2017, the following is the Written Risk Assessment of St. Rynagh’s National School.

  1. List of School Activities:-


A.     Training of teachers and staff in Child Protection.

B.     One to one teaching

C.     Toilet areas

D.     First Aid

E.     Play time on yard

F.      Teaching of SPHE, RSE, Stay Safe.

G.    LGBT pupils or those perceived to be.

H.    Pupils perceived to be unusual.

I.       New staff, subs, student teachers.

J.      Managing challenging physical behaviour amongst pupils.

K.     Sports coaches.

L.      Work experience students.

M.   Volunteers/parents.

N.    IT use.

O.    School Tours.

P.     Library Visits – or walking in town.

Q.    Children getting lifts in car.

R.     Children Serving Mass.

S.      Child has a toileting accident and has uncomfortable clothing.

T.     Children changing for swimming lessons.



  1. The School has identified the following risk of harm in respect of activities:-


A.     Harm not dealt with properly.

B.     Harm or allegations of harm.

C.     Inappropriate behaviour.

D.     Injury not dealt with.

E.     Injury to pupil, inappropriate behaviour.

F.      Lessons not taught.

G.    Bullying, name calling.

H.    Unwanted attention.

I.       Harm not reported.

J.      Harm to pupils or staff.

K.     Harm to pupils

L.      Harm to pupils.

M.   Bullying, exposure to unsuitable material

N.    Psychological harm to pupils and exposure to inappropriate material.

O.  Harm to pupils.

P.   Harm to pupils.

Q.    Harm to pupils.

R.     Safety of Pupils.

S.      Unhygienic, uncomfortable and upsetting.

T.     Upsetting incident.




  1. The school has the following procedures in place to address the risks of harm identified in this assessment:-


A.     Child Protection procedures brought to attention of all staff DLP and DDLP to attend relevant training.

B.     Glass in window of door.

C.     Supervision policy, Code of Behaviour, Anti-bullying Policy.

D.     Section in supervision policy dealing with injuries.

E.     Supervision Policy.

F.      Curricular Policies for SPHE, RSE and Stay Safe implemented.

G.    Anti-bullying Policy.

H.    Anti-bullying Policy.

I.       Policy on Child Protection procedures drawn to their attention.

J.      Code of Behaviour and Anti-bullying Policy used along with positive restraint if required, assistance sought if needed.

K.     Garda vetting.

L.      Garda vetting if over 16 along with supervision of activities.

M.   Garda vetting.

N.    ICT Policy, Anti-bullying Policy AUD Policy.

O.    Ensure that there are at least 2 adults on every tour so the children are adequately supervised.

P.     An adult is to be at the front of the line and at the end of the line if required. An additional adult may be needed in the centre of the line.

Q.    Ensure that there are always two children in the car and that safety belts are on.

R.     Ensure that the Parish has adhered to their own Child Safeguarding Guidelines.

S.      Child is given spare underclothing and trousers and sent to toilet to tidy themselves up.  If child is unable or too upset for the above a parent can be contacted to collect child.  The child if changing is given a bag to bring their own clothes home.

T.     A teacher or SNA from the school and a Garda Vetted parent supervise the changing.  Two or more pupils of the same gender change together in each cubicle or shower area.


Important Note:   It should be noted that risk in the context of this risk assessment is the risk of “harm” as defined in the Children First Act 2015 and not general health and safety risk.  The definition of harm is set out in Chapter 4 of the Child Protection Procedures for Primary and Post-Primary Schools 2017


In undertaking this risk assessment, the Board of Management has endeavoured to identify as far as possible the risks of harm that are relevant to this school and to ensure that adequate procedures are in place to manage all risks identified.  While it is not possible to foresee and remove all risk of harm, the school has in place the procedures listed in this risk assessment to manage and reduce risk to the greatest possible extent.

This risk assessment has been completed by the Board of Management ___________ (date).It shall be reviewed as part of the school’s annual review of its Child Safeguarding Statement.

Signed:            _________________________       Date:       __________________

Chairperson, Board of Management.


Signed:            _________________________       Date:       ___________________

Principal/Secretary to the Board of Management.